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Child Protection Policy - click here

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Discipline and Conduct Behavior Policy (Welsh only) - click here

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plant plant
plant plant

Our Foundation Stage pupils developing their mathematics skills by investigating how many numicons fit the elephants.


We use Numicon resources to teach aspects of mathematics throughout the school - more information

Emma Ann Hardy's Blog - click here

We use the TRIC A CLIC scheme to develop reading skills from the nursery class
A synthetic phonetic scheme, systematic and progressive for the Foundation Phase.
This is a scheme that teaches synthetic phonetic skills that are a foundation to teaching reading and which:
• teaches sound and letter shapes
• teaches building strategies to read words and break words up to spell
• encourages fluency and expression when reading from the very first
• offers interactive teaching methods
• reinforces the steps regularly
• moves quickly from one stage to the next

More information - click here

In order to promote healthy eating and care for the teeth, we kindly ask you to support the ‘Healthy School’ campaign when preparing your child’s lunch box.

It is suggested that they are limited to one sweet item only per day, e.g. yoghurt or biscuit/cake. Sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks are not permitted.

Fruit only is allowed at break times.


The school participates in the Healthy School project and this is reflected in the school dinner menu. A choice of dishes is offered with a daily option of salad and fruit or yoghurt.

Please inform the school, in writing, of any dietary needs your child may have.

The social skills and the skills associated with the use of a knife and fork are essential for the full development of any child. We therefore urge you to try school dinners for your child. There will be plenty of staff on hand to help and supervise your child.

The Dinner Money Clerk collects dinner money on a Monday morning. Parents are expected to pay promptly. A week's notice is required should you decide not to continue with school dinner for your child.


The Education Authority runs a scheme, which offers free milk to children up to their seventh birthday. If you wish your child to receive school milk, please request that we order milk for your child if over seven or please pay for the week on Monday morning. We require a fortnight's notice, in writing, if you wish to cease purchasing milk.


The school recognises the importance of drinking plenty of water during the day. Children are encouraged to bring a small plastic bottle of unflavoured plain water to school daily. They will keep their water at hand throughout the day while working and a water fountain is placed in the hallway for them to refill their bottles.

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